Limited collaboration and visibility

Nonprofit teams may struggle to collaborate and share information efficiently.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides a collaborative platform, allowing teams to share data, documents, and insights in real-time, fostering better teamwork, coordination, and decision-making within the organization.


As we move into the post-Covid world, our teams are more distributed than ever and rely less on coming together in person to accomplish mission-critical tasks. Being more remote has benefits: more time with your supporters and beneficiaries, flexibility, and potentially lower overhead costs. Still, with all the benefits, there are some drawbacks, including less in-person collaboration and visibility across teams and silos. Leveraging Salesforce as your CRM and working with Fíonta can mitigate some of those challenges.


Your team of consultants will work with you during the discovery phase to determine and prioritize pain points related to visibility into pressing issues and breakpoints that have surfaced in collaboration. We will work with you to develop solutions to mitigate these issues, including leveraging Chatter, Slack, and other collaboration tools that integrate with your data to ensure that you are ready when an event requires collaboration. Examples include a major appeal to a donor, a critical case for services, or a remote fundraising event. You will have the tools and the training to leverage your technology to collaborate, share information, and provide line of sight from the frontline workers to your executive leadership team.

Accelerators for nonprofits


Fundraising Accelerator with Classy

With this quick and easy implementation service, you’ll receive a tailored setup, expert guidance, and even shadowing sessions from a top-level expert who knows Salesforce and Classy better than anyone.