Manual and fragmented data handling

Nonprofits often have data scattered across various platforms and manual data entry processes, leading to inefficiency and inaccuracy.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud centralizes all data, providing a unified view of donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and campaigns. It provides automated data entry via batch gift entry and third-party application integrations and offers customizable reports and dashboards, allowing nonprofits to make data-driven decisions.


Fíonta helps nonprofits overcome the challenge of having multiple disparate systems of record. Siloed data is highly prevalent within the nonprofit market and is an expensive and daunting challenge. Our team of consultants will work with you to conduct a thorough discovery to understand your data management challenges and identify areas where manual and fragmented data handling is causing inefficiencies and costly errors. We will recommend and implement an appropriate solution that integrates with other systems. We will identify processes that can and should be automated and eliminate the need for manual data entry across different platforms.

Our team of data architects has years of experience lifting data from legacy systems and transforming, optimizing, and transferring data to your new system.

Your consultants will customize your software to meet your needs, ensuring key data points are captured and their entry enforced and integrated with other essential tools and platforms. Integrating critical systems can reduce data fragmentation and ensure data consistency.

Change management and software adoption

To ensure the successful adoption of new technology and data management practices, our consultants train front-end staff and new or existing system administrators. This training includes data entry best practices and how to use your system effectively.

Accelerators for nonprofits


Fundraising Accelerator with Classy

With this quick and easy implementation service, you’ll receive a tailored setup, expert guidance, and even shadowing sessions from a top-level expert who knows Salesforce and Classy better than anyone.