Experience Cloud

Looking to share information, resources, calendars, or more with your stakeholders?

With Experience Cloud, nonprofit organizations can build and support secure web-based portals. Think of your community as a virtual town hall where groups of stakeholders (donors, volunteers, board members, etc.) can collaborate and interact in real time, access required documents, and even manage their own account information. The Experience Cloud management console provides nonprofit staff with high-level and deep-dive insights into community engagement with reports and dashboards.

Experience Cloud provides three out-of-the-box templates but, like everything in Salesforce, all elements are highly configurable to meet your organization’s needs. Customize the look and feel to match your brand; after all, the community is an extension of your website. Lightning Community Builder provides drag-and-drop tools, so you can extend the experience without a deep technical staff.

Template 1: Supporters/Beneficiaries

  • Personalize the community experience based on what Salesforce already knows about the stakeholder, and let artificial intelligence suggest and surface content as well
  • Provide access to knowledge articles, Q&A, advocacy alerts, and FAQS, and reduce the amount of time spent by your staff answering these questions individually
  • Develop a community in which members can post questions and provide answers, nominate topic experts, upvote helpful responses, etc.
  • Enhance the member experience with recommendations from Experience Cloud for groups to join and members to meet based on prior engagement
  • Gamify engagement with a public leaderboard

Template 2: Employees

  • Drive productivity by providing access to subject matter experts, remote or global teams, and news from across the organization
  • Use Experience Cloud as an intranet and store information that employees need to access, like policies, benefits, and directories
  • Give employees an online collaboration space to ask questions of each other, inquire about best practices, and mine for institutional knowledge
  • Integrate third-party apps like payroll, health insurance, and online learning
  • Enhance the employee experience with recommendations from Experience Cloud for groups to join and colleagues to meet based on prior engagement Search, find, and share files easily amongst individuals and/or groups
  • Measure and evaluate engagement with the community management portal

Template 3: Partners

  • Give partners an online space for shared tools, resources, even certain accounts and person Contact records from Salesforce
  • Share analytics and reports about co-campaigns with partners
  • Integrate third party tools like learning management right into your shared community