Volunteer Management

Volunteers are a key strategy for service delivery and supporter engagement for many nonprofit organizations.

Managing volunteers, however, can be an exercise in “cat herding” without the right tools in place.


Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) is a free App developed by Salesforce that integrates into an organization’s Salesforce instance. Once configured, V4S enables an organization to run its volunteer program with ease and comfort, knowing that every facet of the program is accounted for and tracked within Salesforce.

With V4S, volunteers live in Salesforce with the relevant information to assign volunteers to tasks available to view, search or report on, from skillset, language proficiency, availability, location, and more. Staff can search for volunteers within Salesforce based on any number of criteria and even send custom emails to segments of volunteers based on defined criteria.

As volunteer campaigns get underway, staff can plan, execute, and measure from within V4S. Add volunteer jobs and shifts for individual events, connect web signup forms, assign volunteers, enable volunteer time recording, and reconcile volunteer hours following the event. And since all this information lives within Salesforce, staff can include volunteer efforts within a campaign rollup when determining ROI and planning for future events.

Volunteers for Salesforce can also leverage the Salesforce for Nonprofits Experience sites providing an online portal to surface engage with your volunteers. You can surface your event calendar and provide the ability to sign up and report hours worked directly from your website.