Supported by Drupal 8 and a plethora of custom content types, Enterprise Community Partners can now easily satisfy its broad and diverse audience. Dynamic content and practical content types make developing new pages a quick task. Previously siloed content – like the popular blog and deep Resource Center – are now integrated into the main site and tagged content can be repurposed and displayed throughout the site.

With Drupal 8, we were able to create a number of custom features and content types to dynamically display and repurpose throughout the site. Robust blogging and Resource Library tools were developed as well.


  • Outmoded content management system
  • Three separate websites with little interconnectivity
  • Varying degrees of mobile-friendliness from page to page


  • Drupal 8 CMS
  • Custom features, dynamic display of content based on analogous tags
  • On-the-fly PDF creation from page content
  • Branding changes based on the status of the page (for-profit arm versus nonprofit arm)
  • Robust blog with multiple authors
  • Resource Center
  • Ability to create microsites
  • Google Tag Manager
Enterprise Community Partners