Free the Slaves works to educate the world about the resurgence of slavery and to enable the 21st century abolition movement. The organization had decided to implement Salesforce, but data exported from their old system was disorganized and unwieldy.

Fíonta and Free the Slaves worked together to document requirements, identify ways to connect previously disparate functions and teams, and gain insight into donor activity.


  • Expensive constituent relationship management (CRM) system in place
  • Manual data migration required
  • Little insight into development activity
  • Online newsletter signup handled by disconnected system
Free the Slaves


  • NonProfit Success Pack and SalesCloud streamlined donation process
  • Donation form integrated into the website
  • Dupe Blocker manages duplicates and bad data
  • MailChimp integration provides information on ROI of email marketing activities


Mailchimp and Salesforce

Free the Slaves is now able to easily identify major donors and prospects, along with accurately acknowledging “soft credit”. The integration between MailChimp and Salesforce has transformed email strategy, intelligence gathering, and success measurement with the ability to target communications by individual interest areas through audience segmentation. And thanks to the Power of Us program, Free the Slaves’ CRM license costs have been reduced by several thousands of dollars per year