Preparing immigrants for their journey with timely notifications

Mobile Pathways works to help immigrants gain access to reliable legal information related to their numerous pathways to immigration via mobile phone messaging. They partner with immigration-based nonprofits and attorneys to reach the vast and diverse population of intending immigrants. To ensure immigrants can prepare for their journey, the information sent is both culturally appropriate and in different languages.


Reprioritizing case updates for client empowerment

Mobile Pathways needed an innovative and flexible method of automatically alerting immigrants to changes in their court cases. As the target audience is individuals often in dangerous circumstances, helping them quickly navigate the immigration process can literally be the difference between life and death.

  • Most immigrants cannot afford legal services to stay on top of court dates.
  • Many do not have access to a U.S. mailbox to receive legal notifications.
  • The immigration court is notorious for changing court dates and times without notification.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that individuals can keep track of their court cases and prepare for their immigration journey ahead.

Hola Asistente

Solutions and Results

Salesforce-powered, text-based immigration assistant

Meet Hola Asistente, powered by vetted immigration attorneys.

  • A free-to-use service, powered by vetted immigration attorneys.
  • Via SMS technology, Hola Asistente texts detailed case information to immigrants while tracking and alerting users about any changes to their cases in Spanish, English, Ukrainian, French, and Creole.
  • Constant monitoring of court websites for any changes (i.e., a new judge is assigned or a case is rescheduled) and sending an SMS alert when changes occur.
  • Sends free informational videos from immigration experts to provide basic legal information in English, Spanish, and indigenous languages.

Since launching, Hola Asistente is already tracking over 32,000 cases. Adoption is quick since it is free to use and only requires two pieces of information to sign up; a mobile phone number and an Alien Registration Number (“A-Number”).

With this information, the Mobile Pathways Salesforce instance pings existing government websites to retrieve and send vital case information directly to the hands of immigrants nationwide.

Hola Asistente technology process
Constant monitoring of court data allows Hola Asistente to notify immigrants immediately of changes to court date / time