Restoring broken lives with technology 

For more than 40 years, Prison Fellowship International (PFI) has built programs inside prisons around the world that are proven to restore prisoners, help their families, and integrate them back into the community—for good!

PFI works with prisoners in remote locations where internet service is limited. The team needed a solution that could connect data with caseworkers in the field with key stakeholders.


No centralized system in place for the management of programs

  • Cases were tracked in spreadsheets and local files, making it difficult to report on the impact of the ministry at aggregate levels.
  • Caseworkers do not have reliable access to the internet when in the field working with program beneficiaries.
  • Status updates from the field to the international office were slow to arrive, so the office could not reliably report on program outputs or outcomes.
PFI Dashboard
Caseworkers and the Donor Service Team share important updates to child information. Cases flag these important notices for both teams.

Solutions and Results

Offline data collection and automation

  • The Nonprofit Cloud Program Management Module and the offline data collection tool TaroWorks were leveraged to optimize data collection.
  • These tools now allow case workers in Togo and Malawi to collect data while offline using conditionalized forms and automatically sync that data back to Salesforce when back online.
  • PFI can now automate workflows by creating Salesforce tasks for case workers and other in-country staff.
  • PFI can now efficiently and accurately report on program data to show program impact.
PFI Dashboard
Dashboards allow PFI to easily surface and display important indicators of data or errors which helps to keep children’s sponsorships and services running smoothly.