Pardot is a marketing automation solution built on the #1 CRM in the world, Salesforce.

Salesforce PardotCommunicating to your audience (advocates, members, donors, volunteers, etc.) through email, your website, and social media is probably a daily occurrence for nonprofits of every kind – from charities to NGOs and associations. Creating attractive, personalized and relevant content segregated by audience type, and being able to stage further actions based on their activities taken from the emails is what sets Pardot apart from mass email systems like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Tying all activity back to Salesforce provides powerful information about your constituents. Communicating at scale, while speaking to the individual is transformative for organizations of all sizes.

Pardot has five main areas of functionality:

  • Audience nurture
    • Sending emails to some or all of your contacts based on triggers including time, interactions, and other custom parameters
    • Re-engage dormant leads like past donors or volunteers with Engagement Studio
    • Build emails using drag and drop functionality (no code!), test, send, and report with ease
  • Lead qualification
    • Identify engaged audience members and score their interest based on activity such as website page views, event attendance, giving history, and more
    • Use objective grading to identify good matches for your organization. E.g., increase the score for an individual who RSVPs for a fundraising event, downgrade the score for an individual who only looks at your organization’s Career page.
  • Segmentation and automation
    • Build complex, multi-part rules for segmenting contacts with an easy visual builder
    • Automatically create one-time or dynamic lists for better email marketing targeting
  • Dynamic content
    • Use data to personalize the user experience
    • Display targeted content on emails and/or landing pages on your website
    • Seamlessly shift nurturing and email paths as you discover new information about each user
  • Reporting
    • ROI reporting. Tie individual closed leads (converted donors, for example) back to marketing efforts and understand the cost of conversion at the individual level, as well as analyze campaign success by marketing channel
    • Lifecycle reporting. Check the health of your moves management funnel at a glance and understand where donors are getting stuck.
    • Email reporting. Review opens, clickthroughs, deliverability, shares, etc. after every email send.

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