Accounting Seed

Our partnership with Accounting Seed

Our partnership with Accounting Seed illustrates our commitment to providing associations with a flexible, comprehensive accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform. While many associations prefer a packaged AMS, we understand many require a tailored approach, especially concerning financial management. By integrating Accounting Seed into the Fionta Association Accelerator, we’re offering an accounting tool and a transformative financial management experience seamlessly embedded within Salesforce.

Accounting Seed’s product offerings

Accounting Seed offers a wide array of features tailored for comprehensive financial management:

  1. Native Salesforce integration: Built on the Salesforce platform, Accounting Seed offers seamless integration for unified data, smoother workflows, and no need for additional integration tools.
  2. Detailed journal entries: Accounting Seed provides granular insights into financial transactions. Every transaction can be recorded with detailed journal entries, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  3. Deferred revenue management: With Accounting Seed, associations can manage and recognize deferred revenue, ensuring that revenue is recognized in the appropriate periods, adheres to accounting standards, and provides accurate financial statements.
  4. Customizable financial reports: Accounting Seed’s reporting capabilities allow associations to tailor financial reports to their specific needs and provide insights to make informed decisions.
  5. Automated financial processes: From invoicing to expense tracking, many processes can be automated, reducing manual workload and enhancing accuracy.
  6. Scalable solutions: Whether catering to a small association or a large, multifaceted organization, Accounting Seed scales to meet varying financial complexities.

Elevating financial management with Accounting Seed

Fionta Association Accelerator and Accounting Seed is a streamlined financial management process within Salesforce that empowers associations to focus on their mission, grow their membership, and create a meaningful impact, all while ensuring their financial backbone is robust, accurate, and efficient.

Accent’s ongoing support for Salesforce clients

Our dedicated team of Salesforce Solutions Success Managers specializes in strategic ongoing support and tailors your journey to meet your needs as we maximize your investment in Salesforce together. As a certified Salesforce services partner, Fíonta has privileged access to support escalation and ongoing professional development, ensuring our service quality remains unparalleled.

Ongoing managed services

Through Accent – Fíonta’s managed services practice – we ensure that Salesforce clients receive ongoing, dedicated, and strategic support. Here’s how Accent amplifies the value proposition:

  1. Continuous engagement: We are invested in your long-term success and plan for support after every technology implementation. 
  2. Right-sized support packages: Understanding that each association has unique needs, Accent offers complexity-based support packages. 
  3. Training & skill development: Accent provides training sessions and resources to upskill your team to ensure associations make the most of the investment in Salesforce.
  4. Dedicated support desk: A dedicated Solution Success Manager (SSM) ensures that our expert team promptly addresses any queries, issues, or challenges clients face and sticks with you as long as you’re with us.