AMP Impact

Our partnership with Amp Impact

We are committed to providing transformative solutions to our clients. Amp Impact is a Salesforce-based solution designed to assist nonprofit and social sector organizations in managing grants and programs and measuring their impact. Developed based on common needs identified during numerous digital transformation projects over the past 13 years, Amp Impact allows social-impact organizations to transition from complex spreadsheets to a flexible, user-friendly, and integrated technology solution.

Utilized in over 150 countries, Amp Impact effectively manages over $9.5 billion in development programs and grants.

Amp Impact’s product offerings

Amp Impact for Implementers / Portfolio Management:

  • Bring together teams and data from across your entire program and project lifecycle, providing end-to-end program insights. From strategic planning and establishing indicators to managing budgets and adding quantitative and qualitative results, Amp Impact facilitates collaboration. 
  • It provides both aggregated and disaggregated intelligence, enabling organizations to make data-driven optimizations to program and project delivery.

Amp Impact for Outcome / Impact Measurement:

  • Centralize impact measurement with key program/project KPIs to oversee the delivery of multiple projects. 
  • Create specific and relevant reports from program and project data to gain a holistic view of the impact your organization is making, and share this information with key stakeholders.

Amp Impact for Grantmaking:

  • Covering everything from funding opportunities and applications to closure, investments, disbursements, and impact, Amp Impact offers holistic insights that inform decisions and enhance transparency. It also reduces the reporting burden on grantees. 
  • Extend Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking with Amp Impact by providing the ability to manage program frameworks, create outcome and impact reports, manage risks, and improve grantee experiences with submission template management.

From Field Point-of-Service to Local Offices, National/Regional Offices, Headquarters, and Funders/Reporting such as SDGs and IATI, Amp Impact is a flexible platform empowering organizations to capture, unify, manage, and share information tailored to their organizational and reporting structures. This allows for informed decisions and drives mission success.

Together, Fíonta and AmpImpact empower social-impact organizations to harness data in a way that refines their strategies, amplifies their contributions, and crafts a more inclusive and equitable world.