Our partnership with Blackthorn

With Blackthorn, we’re on a mission to redefine how our clients experience Salesforce, ensuring they derive maximal value, efficiency, and stakeholder engagement from their CRM platform.

Blackthorn’s product offerings

Blackthorn’s dedication to creating tools tailored for Salesforce reflects their expertise and understanding of the platform’s capabilities. Their apps are built specifically for Salesforce and are designed to pull critical customer engagement data through multiple channels into one primary source of truth – your CRM. Here’s an overview of their AppExchange offerings:

  1. Events: Blackthorn’s event application is a game-changer for organizations hosting seminars, webinars, or conferences. Every aspect of event management becomes streamlined, from registrations, ticketing, and attendee tracking, allowing organizations to focus on delivering quality content and experiences. Accessible anywhere, from any device, and always native to Salesforce.
  2. Payments: With the increasing demand for seamless financial transactions, Blackthorn’s payment application acts as a bridge, connecting Salesforce with various payment gateways. This connection facilitates effortless payments and ensures financial data is synchronized and accessible within Salesforce. Whether staff input to the CRM, self-service via Experience Cloud or PayLink, or in the field with mobile payments – Blackthorn allows you to transact confidently from anywhere, online or offline, and to have that data reportable & actionable in Salesforce.
  3. Compliance/Data Detection: Blackthorn’s app provides flexible and proven methods for organizations to remain compliant across financial operations, data handling, or supporter interactions. This unique application uses advanced pattern detection and masking tools to minimize risks so nonprofits and associations can operate confidently in regulated environments. Keep your data clean and CRM compliant when members, donors, and supporters share a bit too much information with you – even in email attachments.
  4. Messaging: Communication is the bedrock of supporter relationships. Blackthorn’s text messaging application ensures organizations can engage with supporters effectively, sending timely notifications, alerts, or promotional messages. Native to Salesforce, every interaction is backed by data, making communication more personalized and effective. Short code, high throughput numbers, conversational, and automated – all accessible and reportable from your CRM.
  5. Storefront: Designed with education in mind, Storefront is a Salesforce-native digital eCommerce application with all the tools to easily manage one or more customizable stores to sell digital goods, services, donations, and course enrollments. Able to integrate with any Salesforce data model, the eCommerce app allows your organization to recruit, sell, take pledges, and kick off subscriptions from any digital property and have the data centralized in one secure space – Salesforce.

‘Return on Engagement’: Measurable, Data-Driven Impact

One of Blackthorn’s standout features is its ability to centralize critical supporter data within Salesforce, whether it starts at events, courses, conferences, or a simple transaction. This eliminates the need to switch platforms without relying on a rigid all-in-one solution, ensuring organizations have a holistic view of their supporter and facilitating data-informed decision-making. Instead of juggling multiple platforms and tools, organizations can operate from a unified Salesforce environment enriched by Blackthorn’s applications. This simplifies operations and ensures organizations can serve their supporters more precisely and efficiently.