Nimble AMS

Our partnership with Nimble AMS: Strengthened with Accent’s managed services

Nimble AMS

Fíonta and Nimble AMS provide associations with tools that are both comprehensive and adaptable. Our partnership with Nimble AMS extends beyond just implementation; our managed services division, Accent, is pivotal in offering sustained and strategic support, empowering associations with an all-inclusive, progressive AMS solution on the Salesforce platform.

Nimble AMS’ product offerings

Nimble AMS offers an array of tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of associations:

  • Member management: Efficient systems designed to streamline member registrations, renewals, and overall management.
  • Member portal: A user-friendly interface where members can interact, engage, and access relevant information and services.
  • Financial management: Comprehensive modules enabling seamless financial transactions, reporting, and tracking.
  • E-commerce: An integrated platform for associations to showcase and sell products or services, enhancing member value and driving revenue.
  • Online community: Connect members to your digital community throughout their member journey with a community built into your AMS.

Accent’s ongoing support for Nimble AMS clients

As a certified Nimble AMS partner, Fíonta brings more than just system implementation to the table. Accent, our managed services practice, ensures that Nimble AMS clients receive both an exceptional AMS solution and ongoing, dedicated support:

  • ·Continuous engagement: After deploying Nimble AMS, Accent remains a steadfast ally. We provide proactive recommendations, system optimizations, and share best practices, ensuring your AMS remains future-proof.
  • ·Right-sized support packages: Recognizing that each association is unique, Accent offers a range of support packages, ensuring tailored assistance that aligns with your requirements.
  • ·Training & skill enhancement: To ensure maximum utility from Nimble AMS’ features, Accent offers comprehensive training sessions, resources, and tools, enabling clients to harness the full potential of their AMS.
  • ·Seamless upgrades and updates: Nimble AMS ensures that every customer is on the same-version and Accent helps you take advantage of Nimble AMS’s latest functionalities and technological advancements.
  • ·Dedicated support: Our commitment to client success is unwavering. A dedicated Solution Success Manager (SSM) ensures that our expert team promptly addresses any concerns, queries, or challenges.

Empowering associations with Nimble AMS and Accent

Combining Nimble AMS’ industry-leading AMS capabilities with Fíonta’s deep implementation expertise and Accent’s undivided support, associations are equipped with a modern AMS solution that’s both effective and enduring. This paired approach ensures that technology, expertise, and continuous support converge, redefining association management excellence.