Salesforce for Nonprofits Premium Partner 2019The Nonprofit Success Pack (or NPSP), is a set of packaged Salesforce configurations that enables nonprofits to use Salesforce “out of the box” as a fundraising system, CRM, and more., a nonprofit social enterprise, is responsible for all of Salesforce’s philanthropic activity, leveraging Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources to improve communities. Built for nonprofits by the nonprofit, NPSP is strongly supported by a global community and user licenses are provided at no charge*.

How Can We Help?

  • Fundraising: Cultivate and enable donor relationships, manage your donation cycle, track online donations, move prospects up a ladder, and more. Fíonta has migrated nonprofits from over a dozen legacy fundraising systems including (but not limited to) Blackbaud products (Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry, netCommunity and Luminate), Giftworks, DonorPro, DonorPerfect, and others.
  • Volunteer management: Salesforce is perfect for tracking volunteer contact information, skills, availability, assignments, and other volunteer-related designations or tasks.
  • Membership management: There is basic support for membership-oriented organizations, to track joins, renews, and similar activities. This basic support can be extended to replace even the most sophisticated Association Management System (AMS).
  • Grants management: The Nonprofit Success Pack includes basic functionality to track grants that your nonprofit has applied for (whether from corporate or private foundations, governments or other sources) including when due, when a decision is expected, intermediary conversations with program officers, and even tracking revenue planned.
  • Constituent Relationship Management: Did you know that Salesforce’s ticker symbol on the NASDAQ stock exchange is CRM? Salesforce pretty much created the concept and is the market leader. A core benefit of using Salesforce is tracking your interactions with constituents in a centralized, controlled, secure way. This protects your nonprofits from information about important contacts walking out the door each night and helps keep everyone on the same page, ensuring the left-hand knows what the right-hand is doing.
  • Case management: Basic case management functionality – whether your cases are inquiries/questions from clients / other constituents, support requests, or actual cases for service delivery, Salesforce tracks service requests and what was done so every interaction with constituents is tracked. Each person and organization has one unique record.

What Else Can Salesforce Do?

One of the many wonderful things about Salesforce is that the platform can be extended in many substantial ways. Nonprofits can add on other functionality, for example for:

  • Community engagement: Build online communities, enable advocacy efforts, and provide access to shared resources. Salesforce Communities comes with pre-defined community templates, and different types (Employee Communities for Intranet; Partner Communities for Extranet) to provide flexibility in building out functionality.
  • Marketing communications: Find, and engage with your community, via social media and/or email marketing, and track engagement to the individual user record. Salesforce includes different components – Pardot, Social Studio, and Exact Target (mass email in the Marketing Cloud) provide state-of-the-art functionality in creating journeys for marketing automation.
  • Analytics: Salesforce’s Wave Analytics can hold its own against any similar business intelligence platform, including Microsoft’s Power BI. Access real-time data via easy-to-use dashboards and reports, drill into data, customize insights by account type or user
  • Extension via Apps: The App Exchange has thousands of pre-built Apps to extend your Salesforce account

* The Power of Us program provides 10 free licenses to nonprofit organizations and discounts on additional subscriptions, products and/or services from See all eligibility guidelines at