Max Paquin
Developer Lead
Frederick, MD

Max Paquin

Maxime found his calling when he was able to combine his computer skills and passion for the environment. He loves to solve technical challenges knowing they will help a cause. Maxime is a seasoned developer with seven years of experience working on the Salesforce platform. He joined the Fíonta team as a Salesforce Developer in 2017 and his proudest achievement at Fíonta is the Mobile Beacon Disaster Recovery Program launch.

An expat from Canada, Maxime now lives in the D.C. metropolitan area with his wife, three daughters, and two cats. You can find him at the local ice rink playing hockey or teaching his daughters how to skate in his spare time.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant
Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect
Insights by Max Paquin

You’re coming up on your 3rd Fíonta anniversary! What first attracted you to us? The ability to work from home – my oldest was two back then – was key. Also, I had never worked in the consulting world before so the idea of being exposed to so many different projects was very appealing. So […]