Fonteva Implementation and Support

Fonteva is the leading Association Management Solution (AMS) developed for Salesforce, providing comprehensive functionality for member management, events, ecommerce, and member communities to hundreds of associations.

Fonteva Association Management

Fíonta combines deep Salesforce expertise with years of experience working with all types of associations. As a Fonteva Services Partner, Fíonta team members have completed comprehensive product training and delivered client implementations alongside senior Fonteva staff.

Fonteva Services Partner

Fíonta partners with associations with the goals of optimizing the Fonteva implementation experience and ensuring our clients both satisfy their functional requirements and achieve full adoption of the solution. Our approach to learning each client’s business and unique challenges is collaborative and hands-on: prescriptive, not reactionary. Fíonta also understands that every client requires a personalized approach and will challenge your organization to adopt best practices over legacy habits as part of the process. And while self-reliance is the goal, we also cater to those who might need more ongoing support and hand-holding.

Considering Fonteva?

The overwhelming reason associations switch their AMS is because their current system is no longer meeting their needs and is limiting their business agility. Fíonta will help you assess functional fit and create insight into the complexity of the migration, as well as evaluate existing system integrations to provide recommendations for third-party solutions that work well with a Salesforce/Fonteva solution.


A typical implementation has several phases, including discovery, design, configuration, data migration, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support, launch, and post-launch support. Fíonta manages the entire process, including staff training and change management.

Post-Launch Support

After you’ve launched Fonteva, Fíonta can help you maintain and improve it. As your business evolves, so must your AMS. The easiest and most cost-effective approach is to adopt a “continuous improvement” mindset – upgrading regularly and making smaller, iterative changes to the system, rather than bundling changes into bigger projects which can be disruptive and costly. Fíonta specializes in helping clients manage and implement a backlog of improvements designed to deliver the features your staff and stakeholders need the most.

Salesforce Adoption

Fonteva runs on the most popular cloud-based CRM platform in the world.  Leverage your Fonteva investment by adopting seamlessly integrated Salesforce applications across your entire organization. Fíonta can enable your sales team to manage its sales process and opportunity pipeline, implement marketing automation with Pardot and Marketing Cloud, and develop custom stakeholder portals with Community Cloud.