Difficulty expressing and delivering membership value

Associations must prove membership’s value to an audience of multiple generations and market segments, each with different goals and expectations.

Salesforce helps you better understand members, prospects, and customers and provide the information, content, programs, and experiences they desire.

Your database should allow you to offer membership options that fit your prospective members’ needs and interests. You can manage simple to complex membership models with various membership tiers, types, pricing, and payment plans with Salesforce.

Salesforce integrations allow you to consolidate all member, customer, and prospect data to view profiles and engagement history in one place. You can segment members and other groups based on their demographics, interests, and engagement levels.


Decrease the workload for busy teams by creating automated engagement workflows that run when prospects and members:

  • Purchase a product
  • Register and attend a program
  • Join the association
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Sign up to volunteer
  • Renew membership
  • Reinstate membership

You can add anyone to an automated email nurture campaign at each engagement touchpoint. Targeted marketing automation dramatically improves conversion rates for membership prospects.


The reporting tool collects all your marketing channels’ performance data in one location. Instead of digging through individual reports and spreadsheets, intelligent dashboards allow teams to assess campaign success and quickly adjust strategy or content based on the results.

Member portals

The member portal is an integral part of the Salesforce CRM, where members update their profiles, take care of association business, view members-only resources, and visit online communities.

The competition for your members’ attention begins in their overflowing inboxes. You can encourage their engagement with Salesforce by delivering personalized communications tailored to their interests, needs, and activity history. AI assistants help you track and score engagement.

Salesforce’s engagement scoring capabilities allow you to identify potential volunteers and their interests. Members use the portal to sign up for volunteer opportunities, manage their commitment, and track their volunteer hours. The board, committee, and other volunteer leaders can access private communities for discussions, collaboration, and document sharing. 

As engagement data helps you better understand members, your association can deliver the value they expect from their dues investment, strengthen their loyalty, and improve retention rates.

Discover the benefits of Salesforce for associations and what steps you can take to get started with it.

Accelerators for associations


Fíonta Association Accelerator

Born from Fíonta’s deep association expertise, Fíonta Association Accelerator marries years of Salesforce proficiency with an unwavering commitment to resolve your challenges.


Association software assessment

Is your association looking into membership management solutions for the first time? Are you on an outdated legacy system like Netforum, Personify, or iMIS? Are you experiencing the effects of 15 years of technical workarounds?