Get Started with CRM Analytics (Tableau)

Deliver impact and increase revenue with the help of artificial intelligence.

Sales Cloud: Configure Salesforce’s native Artificial Intelligence (AI) features for automated activity capture, contact identification, and revenue forecasting. Create AI assistants for your Salesforce users to see lead scores, predictive opportunity scoring, and opportunity insights to help you raise funds faster. Set up Salesforce Inbox to give intelligent recommendations on the next steps when communicating with donors or prospects. This package can be implemented with or without the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Prediction Builder Pilot: Identify high-value Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications specific to your organization and build one custom AI assistant directly into your Salesforce CRM to drive user productivity or outcomes. This is a great option for testing the adoption and ROI of AI for your unique association prior to adopting additional AI functionality.

Getting Started with CRM Analytics: Set up CRM Analytics as a Business Intelligence (BI) platform for advanced revenue or program analysis with Fíonta’s purpose-built templates for associations. Gain key insights to improve your programs and operations through advanced data modeling and statistics.

Getting Started with CRM Analytics: Apply CRM Analytics automated machine learning capabilities to your data sets to uncover important connections and get tailored AI-powered recommendations to improve your programs or operations for optimum impact.