Memberships and Renewals

Membership dues and renewals often represent a significant amount of an association’s annual revenue and members are the very reason an association exists.


With Salesforce, associations can manage all facets of membership, including tracking membership status, start and end date, current and prior membership levels, certification status, committee participation, and other custom data.

Configure workflows to kick off tasks related to membership renewal, including member journeys or Engagement Paths in Marketing Cloud or Pardot. Reports and dashboards provide immediate insight into membership health and allow staff members to view members who are close to the renewal date and even those within a defined grace period following a membership lapse.

Salesforce Pardot for Nonprofits

Membership and renewal forms are designed with optimal user experience in mind and all forms are tested on desktop and mobile devices alike. Consider performing user testing on key pages on the website. If the online user experience is poor, a potential member may be turned off.