At Fíonta, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional Fonteva services that cater to the unique needs of associations, emphasizing not just functional excellence but also aesthetic coherence and user-friendly design.

Fonteva, built on the Salesforce platform, enables organizations to engage with their members through highly personalized and scalable interactions. Fonteva provides a comprehensive view across all departments as a single source of truth, enabling actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Our expertise ensures that the platform stays current, benefiting from continuous enhancements in features and functionality. The integration of Salesforce advanced reporting and analytics tools and a vast selection of certified apps allows us to offer a highly customizable experience that meets the unique needs of associations.

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We can extend Salesforce core functionalities to align with your unique requirements and ensure seamless information flow between Fonteva, Salesforce, and other systems, maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of your data—Salesforce robust reporting tools aid in efficiently tracking vital data, simplifying management, and providing strategic insights.

A key aspect of our service is the expertise of our UX/UI team, who specialize in theming event or member portals to seamlessly match the look and feel of your association’s website—this creates a cohesive digital presence, enhancing user engagement and brand consistency. Our team also excels in designing and developing user-friendly forms and other digital experiences, ensuring that interactions with your members are intuitive and enjoyable.

Additionally, we are adept at integrating various systems with Fonteva and Salesforce. Given the dominance of Salesforce in the CRM market, many third-party systems are designed to integrate effortlessly, enhancing Fonteva’s functionality. Our experience integrating diverse third-party apps and external systems, such as learning management systems, marketing automations tools like Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), and offline financial systems, allows us to offer comprehensive, customized solutions that meet your operational needs.

With Fíonta, your association is equipped with advanced tools and expertise and a partner dedicated to creating seamless, user-friendly digital experiences. We ensure that every aspect of your digital strategy, from data management to user engagement, is aligned with your mission and goals, positioning your association for success in a dynamic digital environment.