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The amazing Salesforce economy - how it impacts nonprofits

On October 24, Salesforce released its IDC Study on the Salesforce Economy, forecasting an incredible boom in the Salesforce economy through 2022.

As a proud part of this ecosystem, Fíonta is excited about the expectation of continued growth of our company and the nonprofit sector we serve.

Since its inception in 2000, Salesforce has facilitated the growth of IT innovation and shifted priorities from traditional tasks surrounding legacy internal systems to supporting new business and product development.

“IDC has been tracking and predicting the impact of cloud computing on local economies since 2009.”The results have continued to soar, and in fact, it is estimated that nearly $140 billion in revenue a year, over the next 5 years, will be generated by Salesforce customers. Additionally, the job market will add over 3 million new jobs to support expanding sales, according to the IDC Study.

This is largely due to the cost savings and other economies attributed to  cloud computing, which translates in the marketplace to “IT innovation, accelerated development schedules, faster project completion, shorter time to market for new products and lower operational costs.”

How does this impact the nonprofit sector? As the economy improves, philanthropy increases. And, Salesforce provides leadership on this front as well.

From the beginning, Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model (donating 1% of each – equity, product, time) has been a model for giving back. By leveraging people, technology, and resources to help improve communities around the world, and by encouraging the Salesforce ecosystem to embrace this model, Salesforce is enabling nonprofits to become stronger as a result of the Salesforce Economy and philosophy. Check out this article to learn more about Salesforce’s integrated philanthropy, and to share the model.

As one of the Professional Services firms that comprises 65% of the 2017 Salesforce ecosystem, Fíonta has continues to grow  year over year, and projects continued growth in assisting the nonprofit sector become as efficient, productive, and mission-capable as its for-profit counterparts.

A few of the many nonprofit sector benefits resulting from being part of the Salesforce Economy include:

  • more agile supporter engagement,
  • service delivery enhancements and efficiencies,
  • board accountability- both to and from,
  • robust detailed and consolidated reporting,
  • additional time to focus on mission critical tasks.

Fíonta is proud to be a Impact Partner, and we look forward to continuing to bring services to nonprofits while supporting the Salesforce Economy. Contact us today to learn more.