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Fíonta announces partnership with FinDock to enhance Salesforce payment solutions for nonprofits

Washington DC – February 21, 2024 

Fíonta, a respected Salesforce implementation partner, is proud to announce its partnership with FinDock, a leading Salesforce payment solution provider. This partnership marks a significant advancement in Fíonta’s ability to offer comprehensive payment integration services to nonprofit organizations, associations, and foundations. By choosing FinDock as a payment partner, Fíonta reinforces its commitment to leveraging technology to create positive change in the nonprofit sector.

This collaboration aims to streamline the payment process for nonprofit organizations by integrating seamlessly into the Salesforce platform. The alliance between FinDock and Fíonta enables a complete 360° view of customer profiles, enhancing both the payment experience and donor engagement.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fíonta and to witness the transformative impact of our Salesforce native payment solution in the nonprofit sector. Fíonta’s commitment to technology as a force for change aligns perfectly with our vision,” says Jessica Hood, Director, Nonprofit AMER at FinDock.

Caitlin Thomas, VP of Business Development at Fíonta, shares her enthusiasm for the partnership. “Partnering with FinDock is a strategic decision to enhance our service offerings on the Salesforce platform. Their innovative payment solution allows us to provide even greater value to our clients, aligning with our mission to support digital transformation for nonprofit organizations.”

FinDock’s unique approach to payment solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem offers a range of benefits, including seamless integration with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and adaptability to various Salesforce solutions, clouds, and customizations. This flexibility and integration capability were key factors in Fíonta’s decision to partner with FinDock.

“By integrating FinDock’s payment solutions within Salesforce, we’re enabling our clients to manage their payments more effectively, leading to increased and more meaningful donor engagement and overall experience,” says Janna Rawls, Partner Alliances Manager at Fíonta.

Together, FinDock and Fíonta are poised to elevate the payment experience for nonprofits using Salesforce. Their combined expertise in innovation and responsiveness to evolving technologies and organizational needs, particularly in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, is set to significantly benefit nonprofit organizations.

About Fíonta

Fíonta, a trusted Salesforce implementation partner since 2006, has collaborated with over 1,200 nonprofit organizations, associations, and foundations in the United States. Fíonta specializes in maximizing the potential of Salesforce for its clients, now further enhanced by its partnership with FinDock.


About FinDock

FinDock is a leading Salesforce payment solution provider that transforms transactions into meaningful interactions. Committed to delivering seamless and personalized payment experiences, FinDock integrates within the Salesforce architecture, offering extendable solutions for all Salesforce solutions, clouds, and customizations.