Salesforce enhanced domains

What are enhanced domains?

Salesforce Enhanced Domains is a feature that enhances security and ensures compliance with modern browser requirements by modifying the URL structure of commonly used Salesforce pages. By making these modifications, Enhanced Domains provides a secure browsing experience while meeting the latest industry standards.

High-level improvements

Enhanced security and compliance

  • Enhanced Domains improve security and meet modern browser requirements.
  • The modified URL structure of Salesforce pages ensures compliance and security and protects against vulnerabilities.
  • Users benefit from increased security measures aligned with industry standards.

Compatibility and seamless access

  • Compatibility with updated browser standards allows seamless access to Salesforce instances.
  • Users can access their Salesforce instances without encountering security warnings or errors.

Watch the short video below to learn more about how Enhanced Domains will affect nonprofits and associations.

Download this presentation.

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