CRM Analytics (Tableau)

Fíonta’s Analytics and AI Practice employs Salesforce’s CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM and Einstein Analytics) for advanced Business Intelligence (BI) analysis across your nonprofit organization’s systems and data sources. 

Our analytics services will unlock your organization’s data-driven insights to increase visibility into fundraising potential, enhance team performance, augment programmatic impact, and uncover hidden opportunities. When using CRM Analytics and Salesforce, you’ll be able to quickly create associated tasks and share insights with other staff users on any device. 

Analytics Services for Nonprofits

Tableau for Nonprofits: Set up Tableau as a Business Intelligence (BI) platform for fundraising, volunteer management, and program impact analysis with Salesforce’s or Fíonta’s purpose-built templates for nonprofits. Enhance your measurement and evaluation capabilities for donor and grantor transparency through advanced data modeling and statistics.