Enable refugees and asylum seekers to stay on top of upcoming court dates

Mobile Pathways helps undocumented and under-documented immigrants gain access to reliable legal information about their numerous pathways to immigration via mobile phone technology. The nonprofit organization is composed of immigration attorneys, technology experts, and immigrant advocates.

The immigrant community faces a serious challenge: court dates are set with little rhyme or reason and can be rescheduled at a moment’s notice. If an individual misses a court date because the government’s notification system is arcane and requires constant monitoring, they can be deported with little recourse.

Mobile Pathways knew there was a smarter way to deliver important information to refugees, asylum seekers, and nonprofit organizations that support this group of people. With support from Salesforce.org, we developed a “bot” that extracts court hearing details from an automated 800 number and updates the individual’s record in Salesforce. When the hearing date changes, the individual receives an email and/or text alert.

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Inefficient system presents barrier for resource-limited individuals

  • Refugees and asylum seekers coming into the US must present their case on a specific date and time before an immigration judge.
  • The government distributes the court’s date and time information through an outdated phone recording system
  • Phone recordings must be constantly monitored by refugee
    Failure to get the right date and time of their hearing results in deportation
  • In 2018, over 46,000 women, men, and children were ordered deported for this reason
Using Heroku to scrap automated 800 number and display as text
Bot calls 800 number and transcribes information to be added to Salesforce record


SMS text delivery of critical information

  • Salesforce connects immigrants to their court hearing date
  • Date/time changes are communicated via email or text alert
  • Immigrants register their unique ID with Mobile Pathways using their mobile phones
    Heroku robot calls automated 800 number, parses out the hearing details, and updates Salesforce.
  • Nonprofits who manage hundreds of individual immigrants have access to “The 800 Dashboard”
  • Cost per now automated call (for nonprofits) reduced from $0.75 to $0.01
800 Dashboard for Nonprofits Who Manage Immigrant Cases
Unique immigrant ID numbers correspond to upcoming court date, time, and location