Our partnership with Fonteva: Enhanced with Accent’s managed services


Navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape, associations require an agile, scalable, and comprehensive member management solution. Our partnership with Fonteva, an AMS built natively on the Salesforce platform, is strategically complemented by Accent, our managed services practice. This synergy delivers end-to-end AMS solutions tailored for associations, from inception to ongoing support.

Fonteva’s product offerings

Fonteva’s diverse suite of offerings caters to every conceivable AMS need:

  1. Seamless AMS: Fonteva’s Salesforce-native architecture ensures robustness, scalability, and a secure member management system.
  2. Membership: Efficiently handle registrations, renewals, and all aspects of member management.
  3. Financial finesse: Fonteva Payments offers an exclusive, integrated Payment Solution with unparalleled transaction insight, unavailable in any other AMS.
  4. Directories & engagement portals: Tools for building detailed member directories and fostering member engagement.
  5. Event excellence: A dedicated module for seamless event organization, tracking, and management.
  6. Integrated commerce: An integrated storefront for streamlined merchandise management, sales, and revenue optimization.

Accent’s ongoing support for Fonteva clients

As a certified Fonteva services partner, Fíonta has privileged access to support escalation, ongoing professional development, and the architectural review board, ensuring our service quality remains unparalleled. Through Accent, Fíonta’s managed services practice, we ensure that Fonteva clients receive a standout AMS solution and ongoing, dedicated, and strategic support. With Fonteva’s product Support and Fionta’s Accent Managed Services, you get a more robust support model to assist you with all your AMS IT needs. Here’s how Accent amplifies the value proposition:

  1. Continuous engagement: Post-implementation, our relationship doesn’t end. Accent ensures ongoing engagement, offering clients proactive recommendations, optimizations, and best practices.
  2. Right-sized support packages: Understanding that each association has unique needs, Accent offers multiple support packages. 
  3. Training & skill development: To ensure associations make the most of their Fonteva AMS, Accent provides training sessions and resources to upskill the client’s team.
  4. Seamless upgrades: With the digital world rapidly evolving, Accent ensures that the Fonteva system remains updated with the latest features, major system upgrades, and technological advancements.
  5. Dedicated support desk: A dedicated Solution Success Manager (SSM) ensures that our expert team promptly addresses any queries, issues, or challenges clients face.

Harnessing the power of partnership and support

With Fonteva’s cutting-edge AMS capabilities, Fíonta’s implementation and customization expertise, and Accent’s dedicated ongoing support, associations are equipped with a state-of-the-art AMS solution and assured of its longevity, efficiency, and evolution. It’s a holistic approach where technology, expertise, and continuous support converge to redefine excellence in association management solutions.