Deborah Ben-Moshe
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Washington, DC

Deborah Ben-Moshe


With 20 years of experience, Deborah is a skilled team and project leader dedicated to serving nonprofits, associations, and government agencies. As the director of strategic initiatives, she focuses on ensuring our intentional growth is focused and planned. She manages two strategic teams in this role – digital services and Accent, Fíonta’s managed services practice. With an eye on industry trends, business development, and operational excellence, Deborah supports daily operations and long-term capabilities evolution. Additionally, she is advancing financial and resourcing projecting at Fíonta and is building a process to define strategic growth at Fíonta.

Before her role as director of strategic initiatives, Deborah was Fíonta’s director of consulting services. She supported all Fíonta resource management, managed the Salesforce consulting team, and oversaw the day-to-day operations of the consulting practice. She was also the director of project management and a web and Salesforce project manager. Before joining Fíonta, Deborah was a project manager at the Matrix Group, a web design and development firm focused on associations, and managed a web platform called GrapeVine that used big data concepts to provide nonprofits insights into their effectiveness. She also worked for a campaigning organization during the ’08 Presidential election, had various positions within the federal government, and did marketing and communications for a Chicago-based restaurant company.

Deborah has a BS from Northwestern University and an Advanced Certificate in Project Management from Stanford University. When not thinking about projects and clients at Fíonta, she takes long walks with her best friend, her dog Georgie. She has a well-known addiction to M&Ms, and if you visit her, ask to see her candy drawer.

Insights by Deborah Ben-Moshe

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