Third-party apps

Salesforce is a flexible and powerful tool, but sometimes, leaning on 3rd party tools and integrations can allow organizations to leverage and customize that power to fit their business needs.

The Salesforce AppExchange (a marketplace of Salesforce-related tools and apps) has thousands of options to enhance and connect your database to other parts of your organization.

At Fíonta, we leverage these tools to streamline and optimize business processes for nonprofits and associations.

Fundraising and event tools

Fundraising and events are two of the most common areas where nonprofits use third-party applications. Many tools are available for accepting online donations, processing payments, and creating donor records in Salesforce. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Classy: Classy is a comprehensive fundraising platform designed for nonprofits, offering a wide range of tools and features to help organizations raise funds, manage donor relationships, and run successful campaigns.
  • Givelively: Givelively is a nonprofit fundraising platform that provides accessible and affordable fundraising tools to organizations of all sizes. It aims to maximize the impact of fundraising efforts.
  • BlackthornBlackthorn is a nonprofit fundraising and event management tool suite designed to work within the Salesforce ecosystem. It offers a range of features to help nonprofits streamline their operations.

Communications and marketing

Tracking and facilitating communications with supporters is one of the most potent and frequently requested integrations. We perform these kinds of integrations for both nonprofits and foundations regularly:

  • Microsoft Outlook and Gmail integrations: Connect seamlessly with most Outlook and Gmail email clients to track and send emails.
  • Zoom integrations: Track webinar registrants and attendees and log Zoom phone calls.
  • Email marketing: Track and sync data from third-party email marketing tools, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Wealth screening and donor prospecting

A plethora of data is available about your supporters that can help you understand their ability and propensity to give. It can be invaluable to use a third-party tool to analyze your supporter data and share details about their giving history and net worth.

  • WealthEngine: One of the most well-known names in wealth prospecting tools, WealthEngine’s Salesforce integration brings its history of prospecting data into Salesforce instances.
  • iWave: A standard option among nonprofits, iWave uses its proprietary wealth and donor database to match your contacts through a simple embedded widget within your contact page layout to bring visibility of giving potential to your fundraising team.
  • Windfall: A simple and streamlined integration, Windfall matches Salesforce contact data with prospect data to provide insight into the financial background of your contacts’ propensity for giving and keeps you abreast of changes in the wealth profile for your current and prospective donors.

Forms, documents, and signatures

Whether receiving applications, signing contracts, or surveying your members, participants, or volunteers, having an integrated form tool can allow you to capture data from your supporters efficiently. There are countless form tools on the market, but two stand out when integrating with existing Salesforce data.

  • FormAssembly: FormAssembly allows for easy data flow between public-facing forms and Salesforce data.
  • Formstack: Built natively on Salesforce, the Formstack integration allows for easy capture and processing of forms, surveys, and submissions and has document merge and e-signature functionality.

Document merge

Turning data into a polished merged document can be an invaluable time-saver for nonprofits and associations. Regardless of the content type—draft contract, donation thank you letter template, frequently used spreadsheet—document merge tools can take data from Salesforce and follow a predefined merge pattern to put the correct data into the right place on any templated spreadsheet, document, or slide deck.

  • Conga: Conga’s suite of document merge and e-signature tools allows for many potential implementations. Conga is a solution that’s been a common name in the Salesforce/Document-merge space for years and a frequently used tool with Fíonta clients.
  • DocuSign: Specializing in facilitating electronic signatures, DocuSign’s Salesforce integration allows for flexible and fast creation of contracts and receipt/tracking of signatures.
  • Apsona: Apsona has powerful document merge capabilities and a suite of other tools to manage and report on data.

Data management and deduplication

Nonprofits and associations often track and manage multiple data sources from fundraising, membership, programming, finances, sales, and more. Bringing disparate data sources together in one place and having clean, reliable, deduplicated data is integral to making informed decisions and understanding your organization’s past and trajectory. Below are two top tools we use often.

  • Omatic: Specializing in the nonprofit sector, Omatic is designed to pull together disparate data sources that nonprofits often wrestle with into one cohesive source of truth within Salesforce.
  • Apsona Dedupe: An add-on from Apsona’s standard subscription, this tool is a go-to solution for Fíonta clients to keep clean, deduplicated data.