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Fíonta Focus - June 2024

Happy Pride month and welcome to summer!

Jumping right in (as we will be doing with our local pool shortly!), discover how the Alliance for Safety and Justice transformed its digital presence with Salesforce Experience Cloud, creating a safe and efficient space for its members. Learn how LGBTQIA nonprofits can leverage Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to overcome unique challenges and amplify their impact and relive Classy Collaborative 2024 with our detailed event roundup.

Plus we’ve curated content to help you engage members and drive event success. Uncover strategies for personalized engagement to boost membership retention and renewal. Elevate your event attendance with expert marketing strategies. Explore how to enhance your digital experiences with cutting-edge tools and strategies, and more.

​​​​​Until next month –

Nonprofits & Foundations

Creating a safe place for members to heal and support one another

Discover how ASJ transformed its digital presence. Our collaboration seamlessly integrated Salesforce Experience Cloud, resulting in improved data accuracy and reporting, and enhanced user experience for both members and staff. This project underscores our commitment to supporting organizations driving positive change in society. Learn more.

Empowering LGBTQIA Nonprofit Organizations with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

LGBTQIA nonprofits face unique challenges, from fighting discrimination to building supportive communities. Explore how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides tailored solutions for efficient data management, enhanced donor engagement, and streamlined volunteer coordination. Learn how this robust platform can help LGBTQIA organizations focus on their mission and amplify their impact. Read more.

Classy Collaborative 2024 roundup

Relive last month’s Classy Collaborative with our comprehensive roundup.
From insightful sessions to networking opportunities, discover the key takeaways and memorable moments that made this year’s event unforgettable. Explore our blog for a detailed recap and future trends in the nonprofit sector! Check it out.


Personalized engagement: The key to membership retention and renewal

Discover how personalized engagement can significantly boost membership retention and renewal. Learn strategies to tailor your communication and offerings to meet individual member needs, ensuring they stay connected and committed. Read more.

11 effective marketing strategies for boosting event attendance

Elevate your event attendance with expert insights from Fíonta’s VP of Marketing, Karin Tracy. Discover key strategies such as personalizing campaigns, leveraging content marketing, using social proof, and maintaining post-event momentum. Learn to address registration obstacles, showcase event impact, and gather valuable data throughout the event lifecycle. Read more.

Unlock the benefits of managed WordPress services for your association

Discover why managed WordPress services are essential for associations in our latest guide. Learn how these services can enhance your website’s security, performance, and overall effectiveness, allowing you to focus on your mission. Download now to explore six compelling reasons to invest in managed services for your association’s digital presence. Download.


Elevating association digital experiences

Join Fíontan Kailee Quinn in this on-demand webinar and discover how optimized digital experiences can transform associations. Gain practical insights into reshaping member interactions, understanding audience needs, ensuring accessibility, conducting usability assessments, and utilizing web analytics to set your association apart. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to digital experiences, equip yourself with actionable takeaways to craft immersive, member-centric digital journeys. Watch on-demand.

Slack Lists: Transform conversations into real-time projects

Slack Lists can revolutionize your team’s workflow by turning everyday conversations into actionable, real-time projects. Salesforce Ben dives into the latest features and practical applications, helping you streamline tasks and enhance productivity. Read more.

Arts Groups Launch Coalition to Address Impacts of AI

As AI technology advances, artists and creators are expressing a healthy fear of being replaced, prompting arts associations to launch a new coalition to address these concerns. This coalition underscores that while AI can augment creative processes, it can never replicate the unique human touch essential to art. The initiative seeks to ensure that AI serves as a tool rather than a replacement, safeguarding the irreplaceable value of human creativity. Read more.

Enhanced Lightning UI

Salesforce has unveiled its Enhanced Lightning UI, designed to streamline user experience and boost productivity. The update features a more intuitive interface, improved navigation, and customizable components that adapt to individual workflows. Users will benefit from faster access to key functionalities and a more cohesive, visually appealing design. The roll-out for updates has begun and broader availability to new and existing instances will be determined throughout the year. Learn more.


Bridge Conference

Join Fíonta next month as we close out July at the 2024 Bridge Conference! Visit us at Booth #523 to discover how our innovative solutions can transform your organization’s digital presence. Connect with our experts and learn how we can help you drive positive change in society. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the latest trends and technologies in the industry. See you there! Register.

ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition

Summer is here, which means ASAE Annual is just around the corner. This event is an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with association leaders and peers. We’re excited to return for another year of sponsorship. Join us in Cleveland and don’t miss the chance to get ahead of the latest industry insights and innovations. Register.

17-19: Midwest Dreamin’ (Minneapolis, MN)
31-August 2: Bridge Conference (National Harbor, MD)

10-13: ASAE Annual (Cleveland, OH)

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