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Fíonta Focus - March 2024

This month, we are overjoyed to announce that Senior Salesforce Consultant Christine Priester has been recognized as a Salesforce MVP, a testament to her impactful work and dedication. Christine’s journey is marked by breaking barriers in technology and her commitment to empowering women of color in the tech industry. Her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping the future of technology. 

We invite you to learn about Norman Rockwell Museum’s digital transformation with Salesforce in an upcoming webinar and we share four strategies for effective technology use in nonprofit marketing.

Lastly, learn how we’re celebrating Women’s History Month and get the scoop on our upcoming events, including a networking happy hour with Classy coming up in April.

Nonprofits & Foundations

Webinar: Connecting Art and Innovation: Norman Rockwell Museum’s Digital Transformation

Dive into the future of digital transformation with our webinar, “Connecting Art and Innovation: Norman Rockwell Museum’s Digital Transformation,” featuring the Norman Rockwell Museum’s (NRM) journey with Salesforce.

Learn how NRM revolutionized its operations by integrating technology and art, leading to enhanced engagement and operational efficiency. Don’t miss this chance to get insights into leveraging Salesforce for digital transformation.

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4 ways to effectively use technology in nonprofit marketing

Learn how marketing automation, content management systems, and data analytics can transform your outreach efforts, enhance donor engagement, and streamline operations.

We share four key strategies to leverage technology effectively, from choosing the right tools to adopting the latest digital trends. Dive into the details and get inspired to elevate your nonprofit’s marketing game.

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Fíonta announces partnership with FinDock

Fíonta has announced a strategic partnership with FinDock, enhancing Salesforce payment solutions for nonprofits.

This collaboration aims to streamline payment processes and improve donor engagement by integrating FinDock’s innovative payment solutions with Salesforce, offering nonprofit organizations a more effective management system. Discover how this partnership can transform your nonprofit’s payment and donor management systems.

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Explore the future of associations with our insightful analysis of 2024 trends, emphasizing the significant role of AI. From leading AI conversations and enhancing AI literacy among staff to adopting AI-assisted process automation and innovative membership models, these trends forecast a transformative path for associations.

Delve into how these shifts will redefine industry standards, improve engagement, and drive operational efficiency. Uncover the pivotal changes shaping associations’ landscape and ways to harness AI’s power.
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Let’s Get Fancy: Extending your portal with web tools

Following a successful presentation at APPCon earlier this month, we have made this webinar available to all on demand.

Explore strategies to elevate your portal experience, tailored to meet the needs of your members. From matching Fonteva’s template to user expectations to leveraging Salesforce native Experience Cloud, this webinar will leave you brimming with ideas for connecting Fonteva data to external portals.
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Hiring an Association Technology Consultant: 4 FAQs

Uncover the essentials of hiring an association technology consultant with our guide addressing four crucial FAQs.

Learn what these consultants do, how they can drive your organization’s success, the steps for selecting the right one, and critical questions to ask prospective partners. Perfect for associations looking to leverage technology effectively, this resource offers a roadmap to finding a consultant that aligns with your needs and goals. Read our full guide here to navigate the process with confidence.
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Salesforce for Nonprofits: What you need to know in 2024

Whether you are exploring Salesforce for the first time or seeking to improve your existing setup, this thorough overview offers valuable insights into the latest features, trends, and strategies tailored for the nonprofit sector.
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Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Fíonta highlights the achievements and contributions of women across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of empowerment and equality.

The firm acknowledges its partnerships with organizations dedicated to women’s rights and empowerment, reflecting on the societal progress made and the ongoing efforts needed to achieve gender equity. Read the full article to learn more about the organizations we’ve been lucky enough to support.
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Exploring and upgrading to Fonteva Platform 15

Are you curious about upgrading to Fonteva Platform 15 (FP 15)? Get insights into financial process enhancements and gain an understanding of the upgrade path. Plus, a dedicated Q&A session to address all your queries.

Join us tomorrow (March 28) and learn more about the newly released FP15!
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Cocktails with Classy + Fíonta

Elevate your experience post-Salesforce World Tour in DC with a happy hour hosted by Fíonta and Classy!

Delicious snacks and refreshing drinks, as well as learning more about the transformative capabilities of Nonprofit Cloud + Classy for fundraising and outcome measurement. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to network and learn!
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Nimble Showcase (April 11)

Top industry experts and trailblazing associations are effectively leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

Discover insights at our upcoming event—Beyond the Hype: Harnessing the Power of AI and BI in Your AMS on April 11th from 9-11:30am in Washington DC.
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10: Salesforce World Tour (Washington, DC)
18: Webinar: Norman Rockwell Museum’s Digital Transformation
25: Salesforce World Tour (New York, NY)


1-2: Good Tech Fest (Virtual)
15-16: Classy Collaborative (Chicago, IL)
30-31: ASAE MMC+Tech (Washington, DC)
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