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Fíonta Focus - May 2024

This month, we’re excited to share insights and updates tailored to help your organization thrive. Explore the latest Salesforce Summer ’24 release innovations to boost productivity and streamline workflows. Delve into our feature-specific blogs on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, uncovering how Outcome Management, Program Management, and Case Management can enhance your operations and don’t miss our on-demand webinar on the Norman Rockwell Museum’s digital transformation with Salesforce.

Mark your calendars for our office hours on WordPress managed services and an in-person event on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud solutions in Raleigh. Join us at Dreamin’ in Color and other exciting events this month!

Explore these topics and more below.
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Nonprofits & Foundations

Salesforce Summer ’24 release

Explore the latest innovations in the Salesforce Summer ’24 release! From enhanced AI capabilities to new automation features, this update is packed with tools designed to boost productivity and streamline workflows.

Discover how these advancements can help you achieve more with less effort in our detailed overview. Dive into the full article to see how to leverage these new features to maximize your Salesforce investment. Read more.

Empowering nonprofits with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Dive into our feature-specific blog series on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud! We’re exploring how this powerful platform enhances nonprofit operations through Outcome Management, Program Management, and Case Management.

Each blog delves into unique features and practical applications, showcasing how nonprofits can streamline processes, improve data tracking, and achieve greater impact. These insights will help you leverage Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to its fullest potential.

For more details, check out our blogs on Outcome Management, Program Management, and Case Management.

Did you miss the Norman Rockwell Museum webinar?

Explore how the Norman Rockwell Museum embraced digital transformation with Salesforce in our on-demand webinar, “Connecting Art and Innovation.”

Learn how the museum leveraged cutting-edge technology to enhance visitor engagement, streamline operations, and preserve its rich artistic heritage. This insightful session covers the strategic steps and innovative tools used, offering valuable lessons for any organization looking to embark on a digital journey. Watch the full webinar to discover the museum‘’’s transformative experience! Watch now.


Revamp your association’s membership practices for success

Is it time to re-evaluate your association’s membership practices? This article delves into the best strategies for assessing and improving your membership models.

Discover how to enhance member engagement, optimize benefits, and ensure long-term growth. This comprehensive guide offers actionable insights and proven techniques to help your association thrive. Read more.

Transforming operations and marketing with Fonteva and Pardot

Discover how the American Choral Directors Association optimized their operations with Fonteva, built on the Salesforce platform, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) for marketing automation.

This case study highlights their journey to streamlined member management, enhanced event registration, and sophisticated marketing automation, leading to improved engagement and data-driven decisions. Learn more.

How to create a fact-checking process for AI-generated content

Ensure accuracy in your AI-generated content with our guide on creating a robust fact-checking process.

This article outlines essential steps and best practices for verifying information, maintaining credibility, and preventing misinformation. Whether you’re using AI for content creation or curating user-generated content, our guide provides the tools to uphold high standards of truth and reliability. Learn more.


Enhancing member portals

Unlock the potential of your member portals with our latest insights! Learn how to create more engaging, user-friendly experiences that keep your members returning—this blog covers the latest strategies and tools to enhance portals, making them more interactive and personalized.

With both resources and real-world case studies, you’ll learn ways to transform your member portals into dynamic hubs of engagement and satisfaction. Learn more.

Why you should adopt card sorting techniques

Card sorting is a user research technique used to help design or evaluate a site’s information architecture.

In a card sorting session, participants organize topics into categories that make sense to them and may also help label these groups. This method provides insight into users’ mental models, making aligning navigation and content organization with users’ expectations easier. For more detailed information, visit the Nielsen Norman Group’s article on card sorting. Read more.

Sustainable practices for nonprofit conferences: A guide to greener gatherings

Discover how to make your nonprofit conferences more eco-friendly with our latest guide on sustainable practices.

From reducing waste to choosing green venues and promoting digital materials, our comprehensive blog provides actionable steps to minimize the environmental impact of your events. Learn how small changes can lead to significant positive effects on the planet while maintaining the quality and engagement of your gatherings. Read the full article to start planning greener conferences today! Learn more.


Office Hours: Managed services for WordPress

Join us for an exclusive office hours session for nonprofits using WordPress with Deborah Ben-Moshe, Accent practice director. This is your chance to get expert advice, ask questions, and learn best practices for optimizing your WordPress website. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your online presence and engage more effectively with your audience. Check out the full details and register now to secure your spot! Reserve your space.

Nonprofit Excellence: Salesforce Solutions

Join us in Raleigh’s Research Triangle Park on June 17, 2024, from 8:30-11:30am ET for an inspiring session on how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can transform your nonprofit’s operations and impact.

Hear from leaders including Nancy Jones of Ronald McDonald House-Triangle, Renee Richards from Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, and Sharon Moyer from Partnership for Children of Cumberland County. Plus, take advantage of onsite consultations on June 18 for tailored advice from Salesforce and Fíonta experts. Don’t miss this opportunity—reserve your spot today!

Dreamin’ in Color

Join us at Dreamin’ In Color, a pivotal conference for Black, Latinx, and Hispanic individuals engaged with or interested in the Salesforce platform and its integrated technologies, such as Tableau, MuleSoft, Slack, and AI. Fíonta will be there in force as an exhibitor and sponsor – spaces are still available!

Discover how to thrive in your community, surmount professional barriers, and expand your organization within and alongside the Salesforce ecosystem. Register today!


6: Office Hours: Managed services for WordPress (Virtual)
11-13: AMS Fest (Chicago, IL)
17: Nonprofit Excellence: Salesforce Solutions (Raleigh, NC)
19-21: Dreamin’ in Color (New Orleans, LA)
27-28: Southeast Dreamin’ (Atlanta, GA)

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