Nonprofits & associations need Salesforce managed services

When you’ve adopted a sophisticated and complex system like Salesforce, it’s risky (and scary!) to go it alone. Salesforce’s ability to do so much for your organization can sometimes become a liability. Keeping your technology ecosystem aligned with your organization’s needs and strategic plans can be challenging if you don’t have the time or capacity to regularly modify and refine Salesforce and integrated apps.

However, this challenge has a ready solution. You can strategically drive growth by taking full advantage of your Salesforce software by working with a managed services partner (MSP).

A Salesforce managed services partner brings a strategic perspective to your organization’s technology

A managed services partner like Fíonta has experience working with hundreds of nonprofits and associations that use Salesforce or a Salesforce-based association management system to achieve their goals. We understand the business climate for nonprofits and associations, in particular, the challenges you face related to:

  • Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Member and donor engagement
  • Virtual and in-person events
  • Revenue generation
  • Increasing competition

An MSP helps your organization prepare your technology for what’s looming on the horizon. We help you plan how to strategically use Salesforce and your website to achieve goals, address challenges, and take advantage of opportunities.

An MSP focuses on Salesforce so you can focus on work

By partnering with an MSP, you can ensure that Salesforce lives up to and, ideally, exceeds your expectations. We help you identify processes to improve, redesign workflows, automate tasks, and train staff on new procedures.

We take on the inevitable list of Salesforce things that no one has time to focus on. No more putting these tasks on the back burner because everyone’s too busy to tackle them. We intend to keep your co-workers happy with the software so they do not try to find alternative ways to do their work outside Salesforce in shadow systems.

An MSP handles a range of Salesforce-related tasks for you:

  • Root cause analysis and workaround assistance
  • Create system documentation.
  • Gather requirements for new Salesforce solutions.
  • Automate repeated tasks to free up staff time.
  • Implement third-party applications.
  • Oversee system security.

An MSP helps your team take full advantage of your Salesforce data to measure and assess outcomes

Our primary focus is showing you how to use Salesforce to achieve organizational and departmental goals, supporting report and dashboard creation so you can measure your outcomes. We help you develop and implement data collection and governance practices and show you how to use your data in personalized communications and targeted marketing campaigns.

Soon you will know how to develop segment journeys, workflows, and triggers for new processes. You can finally reap the results of an onboarding campaign for new or returning lapsed members or a new donor nurturing campaign with tailored messaging for different levels.

We set up staff dashboards and help your team improve their data analytics chops so they can spot:

  • Emerging interests in different audience segments
  • Rising and falling engagement levels
  • At-risk donors and members
  • Effective and ineffective marketing campaigns

As your organization’s goals and projects change, we show you how to use untried or new Salesforce functionality.

An MSP keeps your team and your software up to date

Since Salesforce is an ever-evolving technology, we prepare you for upcoming updates, test and install upgrades, train staff on newly released functionality, and develop internal trainers for resident expertise.

An MSP brings a wide range of technology expertise

A Solutions Success Manager is your single contact point and your technical and strategic partner. They are supported by a team of Fíonta consultants who bring a mix of talents and experiences to our partnership, including:

  • Software developers
  • Data architects
  • Marketing consultants
  • Web developers, designers, and UX/UI consultants
  • Business and data analysts
  • Integration experts
  • Accounting system experts

Because we have worked exclusively in this space since 2001, we’re familiar with the ins and outs of the nonprofit and association technical landscapes. We’ve managed countless data migrations and integrations, including integrations with third-party apps, each with unique functionalities and release cycles, so we have an extensive repertoire of experience with the tools in our ecosystem.

What we offer – Fíonta Accent

Fíonta Accent allows our clients to maximize the potential of their solution investment with a comprehensive managed services package. Accent provides a proactive, continuous improvement offering with a simple-to-purchase-and-understand model, allowing your organization to have a strategic, ongoing, solution-centric partnership supported by a team of consultants focused on your ongoing needs.

In addition to managed services for Salesforce, we offer Fonteva and website (Drupal and WordPress) managed services.

  • Fonteva managed services: As a Salesforce-based association management system (AMS), Fonteva provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing membership, events, fundraising, and more. With Accent for Fonteva, organizations can ensure that their AMS is running smoothly and that they are getting the most out of their investment. Fíonta can help with everything from configuration and customization to data migration and integration.
  • Website managed services: Drupal and WordPress are two of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS). Both open-source and highly customizable, they are ideal for nonprofits and associations needing a website tailored to their needs. However, maintaining a website can be a time-consuming and technical task. That’s where Accent for Web comes in. We can help with everything from UX/UI design and regular maintenance to building site enhancements and web analytics consulting, freeing up staff time and ensuring that the website is always running smoothly.

Partnering with a managed services provider like Fíonta benefits our many current nonprofit and association partners. Outsourcing their technology management allows organizations to focus on their core mission and leave the technical details to the experts. They can also ensure that their technology is moving forward in a way that is aligned with their strategic goals and needs, helping organizations achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and impact.

Fíonta would be thrilled to discuss if Accent is the right option for you. Reach out to us so we can learn more about you!