Salesforce for Associations: Everything You Need to Know

Salesforce can improve how your organization functions.

Salesforce can give associations the flexibility to grow, expand their focus, and deepen member relationships. From launching marketing initiatives to creating online communities and collecting payments or donations, you can do it all from a single-login system.

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Salesforce for Associations: FAQ

Is Salesforce an AMS?

While Salesforce is not exclusively an AMS and can be used in many different ways, it is possible to build an AMS that uses Salesforce as its base. This is not the only way that an association can use Salesforce but it is a very viable option. Overall, the benefit of using Salesforce for associations hinges on the vast customization that is available through Salesforce. This gives you the power of the Salesforce platform while still offering the functionality your specific organization needs to meet your goals. 

Can Salesforce Be Used for Membership?

Because of the high level of customization available, Salesforce can absolutely be used to manage your memberships. From registering new members to handling billing, improving member engagement, or just tracking memberships, you can set up Salesforce to meet all of your membership needs.

Associations can use Salesforce in two different ways to meet their organization's needs.

How Can Associations Use Salesforce?

With the right level of assistance from an experienced partner, associations can make use of Salesforce in two main ways. 

One option is to start with Salesforce for Nonprofits and then customize it to provide the exact functionality you need. Using Salesforce for Nonprofits is often a cost-effective option if your needs are straightforward and the comprehensive packaged applications seem like overkill for your operation. It can also be a good option if your association’s business is highly specialized and no packaged solutions come close to meeting all the functional requirements. In this case, customizing Salesforce for Nonprofits will be faster and usually less expensive, resulting in a solution tailored to the association’s very specific business needs. 

Alternatively, your organization can utilize an AMS built on the Salesforce platform, like Fonteva. These applications run natively on Salesforce and provide much of the association-specific functionality required by many organizations. Normally these applications provide most of the features you need and can then be further configured to close any functional gaps. 

Fionta can help your association implement Salesforce.

How Fionta Can Help 

If you choose to go with Salesforce for Nonprofits, Fíonta can help you get up and running. Smaller associations may find Salesforce for Nonprofits suitable as a starting point for stakeholder management, fundraising, supporter management, and basic grants management.

We review each organization’s unique functional requirements and assess the surrounding technical environment. From there, we prepare clear documentation of implementation options and our recommendations. Lastly, we perform expert, hands-on work to address the highest priority recommendations. 

For associations whose needs can be met with an AMS built on Salesforce, like Fonteva, Fíonta can also help you implement this Salesforce-based AMS. As a Certified Implementation Partner for Fonteva, Fíonta combines deep Salesforce expertise with years of experience working with all types of associations. Our team members have completed comprehensive product training and delivered client implementations alongside senior Fonteva staff.

To learn more about how Fíonta can help you get set up with Salesforce for association management, get in touch today.