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A guide to understanding Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

In 2023, Salesforce expanded its nonprofit solution portfolio with the launch of Nonprofit Cloud. This change was intended to help nonprofits strengthen their programs, learn from and grow with data, and provide personalized experiences. The introduction of Nonprofit Cloud aligns Salesforce’s nonprofit offering with other Salesforce products, allowing nonprofits to take advantage of this top solution’s features and billions of dollars of research and development.   

At Fíonta, we believe Nonprofit Cloud brings additional platform interoperability to the already strong presence of Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and related solutions. However, if you are a current NPSP user, you may have questions about the future of the solution and how Nonprofit Cloud fits into your operations.

To help your nonprofit understand this change and what it means for your organization, we’ll review a few key considerations and the details of Nonprofit Cloud.

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a comprehensive solution built on the Salesforce platform designed for nonprofits. It provides customizable applications for case and program management, fundraising and donor management, grantmaking, and more.

Is Nonprofit Cloud the same as NPSP?

Nonprofit Cloud is a separate solution from NPSP that expands on existing Salesforce nonprofit technology. While both options offer similar features and functionalities, Nonprofit Cloud provides access to more Salesforce technology, flexibility, and nonprofit-specific features to improve user experiences further and maximize efficiency. 

Nonprofit Cloud considerations

Salesforce NPSP is a stable, extensible platform for a community of more than 40,000 organizations. If your nonprofit currently uses NPSP, rest assured that:

  • NPSP will continue to receive resources and planned enhancements for current customers in the coming years. 
  • Nonprofit Cloud does not indicate end-of-life or support from Salesforce. 
  • NPSP licenses will still be available to new clients.

Similarly, Nonprofit Cloud will receive significant investment from Salesforce. This shift in focus will turn Nonprofit Cloud into a strategic asset for nonprofits, ensuring they can utilize beneficial features outside the NPSP data model. For example, organizations can seamlessly leverage the tools included in Financial Service Cloud, Health Cloud, and other industry clouds, with similar use cases.

Nonprofit Cloud adds more functionality and flexibility to Salesforce’s already well-resourced product portfolio. As product updates come to market, the Fíonta team will learn more about the solution and how it can help fulfill client missions effectively.

What is included in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Over time, Nonprofit Cloud will see the addition and expansion of new tools and functionalities. The solution is built on Salesforce core, meaning it will receive major updates three times a year. 

Nonprofit Cloud offers applications that assist with:

  • Program and case management
  • Fundraising and donor management
  • Grantmaking and fund management
  • Impact and outcome management

Because Nonprofit Cloud is built directly on the Salesforce platform, it provides users with a more stable development infrastructure and the option to use other Salesforce tools. For example, nonprofits can leverage more than 40 industry Common Components.

Highlights of the 40+ Common Components

Salesforce Common Components are products available outside of just one Industry Cloud or in Clouds outside of Industries. Using Nonprofit Cloud, organizations can access Common Components such as:

  • Actionable Relationship Center (ARC): This tool takes the NPSP Relationship Viewer user interface to the next level by allowing you to customize the related objects and records, display them graphically, and take action from within the Lightning Record Page. A prebuilt user interface does not limit you and can leverage ARC for use cases outside the traditional relationship map.
  • Life events and milestone tracking: These features allow users to capture and visualize supporters’ entire journeys with your organization. Moving forward, program and case management, tracking life events, interactions with case workers, attendance, and benefits will combine into one easy-to-digest visualization. 
  • Omnistudio: Nonprofit Cloud OmniStudio is available for nonprofits. OmniStudio’s digital engagement suite simplifies and accelerates digital transformation, making your Salesforce solution agile and flexible. OmniStudio’s drag-and-drop configuration capabilities allow nonprofits to create prebuilt, guided experiences with clicks rather than custom code. Think of OmniStudio as a sibling to Salesforce Flow. When paired with the Action Launcher, another common industry solution, OmniStudio, and Flow, allows end users to interact with Salesforce data and take multiple actions from one location.

Now a Salesforce Industry Cloud

Salesforce services a variety of industries through industry-specific Clouds, including Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Education Cloud.

These Clouds are built on a common core Industry Data Model, meaning Nonprofit Cloud can now utilize pre-built objects and components from other industry clouds. Organizations using Nonprofit Cloud will have access to all tools and resources from Salesforce Industry Clouds. At the same time, Salesforce is focused on innovating the data model and making it available for all industries.

What should Nonprofit Success Pack users do?

NPSP and Education Data Architecture (EDA) have been managed packages. Managed packages, such as apps, are installed on top of the Salesforce platform. This architecture allows nonprofits using NPSP, Project Management Module, Outbound Funds, and Grants Management to take advantage of new Salesforce releases. However, these solutions are not core products. 

Nonprofit Cloud is a core product built within the Salesforce platform. This means it provides access to the features and functionality of both Sales (Leads/Opportunities/Campaigns +) and Service (Cases +). It has a standard Industry Data Model, including Person Accounts, Interaction Summaries, and the Party Relationship Model. 

Additionally, current and future Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud customers will be able to access new tools and features they haven’t been able to use previously. For example, components of common software used across industries are fully integrated and built into the platform for ease of use. 

While Nonprofit Cloud is the more robust option, each nonprofit has unique needs and circumstances. Work with Fíonta’s Salesforce consultants to determine your organization’s next steps and receive assistance with implementing and optimizing your technology.

Moving forward

If your nonprofit is using Salesforce for the first time, this new offering will allow your nonprofit to take its engagement and mission to the next level. Nonprofit Cloud provides the best Salesforce offers, future innovations, and features. 

For existing Salesforce customers, Fíonta will continue to be your trusted partner to determine the best path forward for your organization.

To get your questions about Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud answered, contact our experts at Fíonta.