Nonprofit Cloud: The Salesforce Nonprofit Family Expands


With today’s blog post, Salesforce has announced an expansion to the nonprofit solution portfolio: Nonprofit Cloud. If you are a current Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) client (or in the early stages of implementing it), you may wonder if you’re on the right path. We believe the addition of Nonprofit Cloud brings additional platform interoperability to the already strong presence of NPSP and related solutions.


The Nonprofit Success Pack will continue to receive investment in resources in the coming years and planned enhancements for current customers. This news is not an end-of-life or support announcement from Salesforce, and NPSP will still be available to new clients as a license.

Nonprofit Cloud will also receive significant investment and is a strategic investment in ensuring nonprofits can utilize beneficial features outside the NPSP data model (such as those available in Financial Services Cloud, for example).

Over 40,000 organizations use NPSP, and it has proven to be a stable, extensible platform for a community of nonprofit users and consultants.

In short, current and prospective clients should be assured that NPSP will continue to be supported and enhanced by Salesforce in the near term. Nonprofit Cloud introduces an exciting new option into this already well-resourced product portfolio; we at Fionta look forward to taking the product through its paces and learning more about the solution and how it can help our clients fulfill their missions.

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Let’s look under the hood

Salesforce released the next generation of Nonprofit Cloud on March 14. New Salesforce customers can use a new optimized data model and feature sets for Programs and Case Management. Nonprofit Cloud will see the addition of fundraising and grantmaking later this year. This new offering is built directly on the Salesforce platform, meaning shared innovation and a more stable infrastructure. 

Nonprofit Success Pack History

Nonprofit Success Package (NPSP) and Education Data Architecture (EDA) have been managed packages. In layperson’s terms, managed packages like an App are installed on top of the Salesforce platform. This architecture meant that our clients, using NPSP, Project Management Module, Outbound Funds, and Grants Management, could take advantage of new Salesforce releases and were close to but not a core product. 

Moving forward, Nonprofit Cloud is part of the core built on the Salesforce platform. Granting access to leverage features and functionality of both Sales (Leads/Opportunities/Campaigns +) and Service (Cases +), and has a standard industry data model, including Person Accounts and the Party Relationship Model. 

Additionally, our current and future clients will be able to access new tools and features they haven’t been able to use. Common components across industries are fully integrated and built into the platform for ease of use. 

What are Salesforce Industry Clouds?

A variety of industries are serviced by Salesforce through industry-specific Clouds, like Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and as of 3/14, Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud.

These Clouds are built on a common core Industry Data Model, meaning that Nonprofit Cloud can now utilize pre-built components from other industry clouds. This means organizations using Nonprofit Cloud will have access to tools and resources from the Industry Data Model. At the same time, Salesforce can focus on new innovations to apply to the data model and make it available for all industries.

Highlights of the 40+ common components

Actionable Relationship Center (ARC) takes your NPSP Relationship Viewer to the next level by allowing you to customize the related objects and records, display them graphically and take action from within the Lightning Record Page.  

The new life events and milestone tracking feature allow users to capture and visualize your supporter’s entire journey through the organization. Moving forward, program and case management, tracking life events, interactions with case workers, attendance, and benefits are all in one easy-to-digest format. Start interacting more with the people and organizations that need it most and less time clicking. 

OmniStudio: If you were already using a Salesforce Industry Solution, OmniStudio might be familiar to you, but since the new Nonprofit Cloud within the Industry framework, OmniStudio is now available for Nonprofits. OmniStudio’s digital engagement suite simplifies and accelerates digital transformation so our customers are agile, flexible, and ready to respond to spikes in demand. With OmniStudio’s drag-and-drop configuration capabilities, nonprofits can take advantage of prebuilt guided experiences and create them with clicks rather than custom code. You can think of OmniStudio as a sibling to Salesforce Flow, and it includes tools for integrating with other enterprise applications and data. Omni Studio and Flow, paired with the Action Launcher, another common industry solution, allows your end users to interact with Salesforce data and, like the name implies, take important actions from one location.

What does this mean for my organization?

As a new customer using Salesforce for the first time, this new offering will provide you with an application that takes advantage of the best Salesforce offers, future innovations, and features that will allow your nonprofit to take its engagement and mission to the next level. For existing Salesforce customers, rest assured that as more information becomes available, we will continue to be your trusted partner to determine the best path forward. 

Questions? Contact us or hop onto Zoom and talk – schedule a convenient time.