Member Management

Member-based nonprofits exist to serve their members – whether to provide resources, convene gatherings, multiply influence to advance a shared agenda, ensure continuing education / certification, or offer products or services of interest to members.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

With Salesforce, nonprofit organizations that have members can manage all facets of membership, including tracking membership status, start and end date, current and prior membership levels, key contacts and other custom data. Workflows can be configured to kick off tasks related to membership renewal, including member journeys or Engagement Paths in Marketing Cloud or Pardot. Reports and dashboards provide immediate insight into membership health and allow staff members to view members who are close to renewal date as well as those within a grace period following membership lapse.

Optional Salesforce Communities implementations can provide easy-to-use, web-based member portals to support member collaboration, resource libraries, calendars of webinars / conferences / other events, member directories, and a single spot to update an organizational profile. Salesforce supports all kinds of member models – affiliated / federated models, individual memberships, corporate / organizational members, varying levels of membership, and rolling or annual renewals, to name a few.

Systems Salesforce can replace include Personify, NetForum, Salsa Labs, and others.