Outbound Funds Module

Salesforce has partnered with the Salesforce.org community of nonprofits, grantmakers, partners, and staff under the Salesforce Open Source Commons program to deliver a robust solution for managing the grantmaking process directly within Salesforce for Nonprofits

Outbound Funds Module (OFM) introduces the functionality of Funding Programs and Funding Requests – custom objects that allow grantmaking organizations to have a dedicated space to manage applications and organize them by their respective grant program. OFM offers: 

  • Streamlined, customizable grant application management.
  • Seamless connection between programs and grants, allowing both grants and program managers to access the same data, keep grants moving forward, and view impact.
  • Complete visibility into financial commitments, permitting your finance team to easily make sure all requirements have been met before disbursements are made.
  • The robust, straightforward reporting and analytics capabilities you can expect from Salesforce.