Artificial Intelligence

Our Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice uses Salesforce’s Tableau and Einstein solutions to help you visualize and analyze your data, create predictions, and display interactive, dynamic charts on your website. 

Salesforce’s Tableau suite of products can help you graphically visualize and analyze your data – right within Salesforce or embedded in your website for external use.  

Integrate Disparate Data Sources: With over 50 out-of-the-box connectors, integrate and analyze data from multiple sources – no more exporting to Excel and complex manipulations and transformations before graphing.   

Provide Compelling Interactive Displays: Create data sets for your stakeholders to interact with. Analyze your impact, grants, or donation data. See how your events, advocacy, programs, or volunteer key metrics change over time. Drill down to discover variations based on any other data – location, interest area, engagement, or type of stakeholders.   


This innovative technology allows nonprofits the ability to derive key insights and make valuable predictions.

Nonprofits and associations have access to affordable AI tools to improve fundraising, membership, engagement, and program outcomes. Fíonta can embed this AI intelligence into your everyday use of Salesforce applications to boost productivity in your organization and help you to better leverage valuable resources. 

Einstein AI Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with Einstein: Configure Salesforce’s native Artificial Intelligence (AI) features for automated activity capture, contact identification, and revenue forecasting. Create AI assistants for your Salesforce users to see donor lead scores, predictive donation opportunity scoring, and opportunity insights to help you raise funds faster. Set up Salesforce Inbox to give intelligent recommendations on next steps when communicating with donors or prospects.

Prediction Builders: Identify high-value Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications specific to your organization and build one or more custom AI assistants directly into your Salesforce CRM to drive user productivity or outcomes. Consider our Prediction Builder Pilot package to test the adoption and ROI of AI for your unique organization.

Einstein Discovery: Apply Einstein’s automated machine learning capabilities to your data sets to uncover important connections and make tailored predictions on how to improve your operations for optimum impact.